Keith Tetlow, Founding Partner and Principal, KILO Architecture Inc.

Keith Tetlow, Founding Partner and Principal, KILO Architecture Inc.



We recognize and value the tremendous physical beauty of the Pacific Northwest environment.  It has its own palette of lighting, colour, and personality.

We derive inspiration from where we live, work, and play everyday. We seek to protect and enhance nature, while designing and building the indoor environments of those who live here.

We prioritize ethics.

We love where we live.

KILO Architecture Offers Clients

  1. Award-winning design skill.

  2. Practiced and nuanced understanding of the regulatory environment and Building Code.

  3. Excellent client skills. A deep listener, Keith has a gentle manner with clients, leading them through complex projects with calmness and serenity.  

  4. Strong relationships with builders. With experience in construction management, project management and hands-on building, KILO Architecture communicates effectively with construction managers and tradespeople about constraints and implementation issues.

  5. Skilful use of advanced information technology through in-house software for advanced energy modelling, cost analysis, 3D-modelling and Building Information Modelling.

  6. Keith’s strong personal practices in yoga and meditation allow him to hold space for his clients to serve their needs with guidance but the minimum projection of Ego.

Keith tetlow

Architect, AIBC, Founding Partner and Principal.

Keith has been involved with almost a billion dollars worth of construction over 20 years. Bringing this experience and desire to share his knowledge and experience to the Victoria region in 2019 onward, Keith has recently (October 2018) moved back to Victoria, and has now set up the office.

Building Types.

Residential (new), Residential (reno), Multi-Residential, Fitness & Recreation, Education, Spiritual.

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